Dreaming in the Music

Kelly Caner is one of those people that you meet who immediately draws you in. Her humor, her quirk and overall look at the world make you feel like you’re in an exciting, light hearted comedy when talking to her. So it makes sense that her music picks are partially inspired by stories and film.

The seniors english major’s  first and largest influence is the Wincing the Night Away by the indie rock band the Shins. She says, “It was the first album I heard that wa really different.” Kelly, who was in third grade at the time heard the album being played by her two older sisters and desperately wanted to know what it was. She says,” They would never tell me what it was because I wasn’t cool enough.”

And like fate, a song from the album came to her. She explains, “And then I saw a commercial for an mp3 player and I recognized a song.” Pre-Shazam, young Kelly googled the lyrics she remembered and found the band. She immediately fell in love. She says, “I would listen to it in my room, stare in the mirror and come up with stories and write a lot.”

And to this day, Kelly still listens to the album. It’s made her who she is today. She says, “Sleeping Lessons, has been my favorite song since I was nine years old.”

“It’s so unique, it’s dreamy. It starts out really slow & then it picks up into this happy sounds. I just clicked with me and made me live in my head for the rest of my life,” she says.

In Rainbows by Radiohead, takes the cake for Kelly’s current favorite album. The english rock band’s seventh studio album just makes her smile. She say, “It makes you feel so many different things. I don’t know if I feel sad, happy when I listen to it. I don’t know if I want to go to sleep or take a nap. It’s so many emotions.”

And continuing the trend of stories, the album came to Kelly from the ending credits of the cinematic masterpiece Twighlight.

Summing a person’s life in an album is extremely hard. But Kelly chose the album that is a part of her. Literally; She has it tattooed on her.

The Icelandic rock band Sigur Rós album Takk came to Kelly at the age of 15, when she like everyone else was awkward and figuring her lie out. She says, “It’s very dreamy. I am not really present all the time.

And so when she came to Fredonia, to pay homage to her 15 year old self, she got a tattoo of the band on her arm.

In closing she shares how music simply add to her view of the world.

“A lot of who I am is wanting to bring my daydreams into life. I am trying to make my life as theatrical as possible.”