Help Creating

Elliott Tessmer is the guy who just wants more. The junior Music Industry major, has always loved music but finds that getting out of your comfort zone and listening to new music is the only way to quench the thirst of new and good music.  

Elliott’s pick for the album with the most influence on his life is That’s The Spirit by Bring Me The Horizon. The English rock band’s most recent album was long awaited by Elliot, who immediately listened to it on it’s release date. “It’s a pretty intense album,” he begins as he explains how the band has been one of his favorites since high school.

But what puts this album in Elliot’s favorites is the lyrical content that shies away from attaining happiness very quickly. Instead, in Elliott’s words the album has messages that say, “You are in a dark place now, but you’ll be okay.”

Currently, Elliot is listening to the band that immediately reminds us of being in middle school. Blink-182. He says, “For right now, it’s what you need. It’s just fun.” And the most recent single release Can’t Get You More Pregnant made an honorable mention. Elliott and I had to agree on the light hearted music that he describes to be “like an angsty-nostalgia vibe.”

When it comes to music, Elliot is very clear how he feels. “I love being around it and I love what it can do for people.” As a music industry major, he feels that by maybe managing a band or helping with finances is doing his part.  “I want to help music being created.”

Living with a roommate who is part of a band seems almost like fate for Elliot. Living in a house filled with music helps Elliot explore music he might never have heard on his own. He says, “It’s great to be around that and it makes you just want more.”

And when it comes to finding new stuff, Elliott’s advice is to turn to friend who know you way better than you Spotify account. He says, “Everybody is stuck in their niche, but you shouldn’t be scared to explore.”