Crazy Roller Coaster Ride

Some people take life in strides and others in leaps. Dance leaps specifically. Chris Victor is one of those people. Literally, he is a dancer. His is a senior double major in dance and audio/radio production. When he is not spending hours in the studio choreographing or practicing, he listens to an eclectic mix of genres (sometimes looking for music to perform to). “All my inspiration comes from music.” he says.

Exposure → Perspective

Entering college Chris was exposed to the neo-classical genre of music, which intersects classical styles with modern elements, creating original compositions. In particular, he was introduced to Ólafar Arnolds, by his professor Terry Beck, which he claims to have “changed his perspective.”

Living Room Songs was my first exposure to this genre of music. Not only to listen to but to dance to.” The multi-instrumental composer and producer, from Iceland, is known for mixing string and piano loops with ambient sound.

Chris says, “[It has] an easy and humanistic feeling that made it so personalized and so impactful. Not only for my life but for my dancing. It gave a perspective of who I am as choreographer, through this album.”

Though it does not have any lyrics, Arnolds’s’ compositions easily evoke emotion as you hear him almost improvisatory score. A favorite of Chris is  Tomorrow’s Song. He says “ [It’s] the most tear jerking song on the entire album. The first time I heard it, I sobbed. It’ll break your  little heart.”

“Back To My Roots”

With music tastes that he says often vary, it was hard to pick an album that is his current favorite. He then decided on the multi-genre British band The 1975 and their self titled premiere album.

“I listened to the entire album and I thought ‘Where has this been all my life?”

After a recommendation from a friend, he listened to a couple of songs and then the whole album, which he now says has  “so much in one album that really moves me.”

The band who originally originated from Manchester, has a sound that is almost indescribable. While each song sounds from almost different genre, they all seemingly bend into the eclectic mix of the band’s signature sound. They have been described as electropop and indie rock, probably due to their the_1975_album_by_the_1975many musical influences. Matthew Healy, who is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, cites influences from Michael Jackson, My Bloody Valentine and D’Angelo.“The sound is so eclectic. There is so much different sound to every song on that album. Some of its rock, some of it is indie pop. Some improvisational with no meter but every song is personalized in the lyrics & there’s a story that is absolutely beautiful”, says Chris.


Chris’s pick for the album that represents him as a person is M83’S Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

The album with popular songs like Midnight City and Wait, is considered to be their best one by Chris because of the story that it tells throughout the album.

“I has a bunch of ups and downs the entire album. I feel that’s how my life has been laid out. It’s getting from point A to B, with a bunch of stuff in between. All the good the bad, all the ups and the downs. The crazy roller coaster of a ride. “