Pirates Picks!

This past weekend, Pirates of Penzance opened. Since the students involved love theatre, I asked some of the cast and crew their personal favorite musical theatre soundtracks! Here they are:




Collin McCrea, plays a Pirates

“The 2010 cast album of Les Miserable. It was the first one to get me into musicals & it was one of the reasons I started performing in shows.”



Kaitlyn Meegan, assistant stage managerIMG_4433
“Probably Once On This Island. The music is so beautiful. I love how it’s one big story that everyone can relate to.”




Mickayla Greco, plays Ruth
American Idiot, the musical because it tackles that we are such a media driven world, drug abuse, politics. But it’s through music that our generation want to listen to.”




Leander Andrews, plays a Policeman

“I really like Catch Me If You Can. All the melodies are really catchy.”




Tito, Hair and Makeup

Evita. It’s a very dynamic soundtrack and it’s a good sound.





Katelyn Crall, plays a Pirate

Once because I like it because I listen to a lot of folk music & it’s very true to the non theatrical secular music I like.”



Eva Mancarella, plays a Daughter

“Probably Bridges of Madison County because each of the songs is so different and tells a different story and each time I listen to it it’s like the first time all over.”




Lucas DeNies, plays a Policeman

Next to Normal because I love the storyline & the music enhances it even more.



Genevieve Ellis, plays Mabel

Spamalot. I love how ridiculous and over the top the show is. It makes people laugh and I like shows that do that. Like this one!”




Dana Katz, Stage Manager
“I would say In The Heights. It’s just a fun one with really good music.”



Gretchen Martino, plays a Policeman

The Lion King. Because it’s so different from every musical album. Some songs you want jam to and some you want cry.




Nick Jasek, plays Sam

Mamma Mia because it’s the first smusical I ever heard.”



Angela Wheeler, plays a Daughter

Hair because I can groove, get down & belt all on just that one album.”




Paul Orama, Wardrobe Head

In The Heights. It has the latino flare the I crave.”



Kordell Hammond, plays the Pirate King

“I would have to say Shrek the musical. It has a good message & the music is good.”

Jake Badding, plays a Policeman

Newsies because that is all that i would listen to when I mowed the lawn.”



Rebecca Martin, plays a Daughter

Hair because it’s a great style. It’s very singleable but has deep political message.”


Chelsea Ann Baron, Wardrobe CrewIMG_4441

“Original Broadway Cast of Grease. I have been obsessed with it ever since I was young. I was Jan in High School.”



Patrick Brett, plays a Pirate

Sweeney Todd because the way Sondheim writes; he writes his characters into the music & it’s really cool.”



IMG_4421Tom Gruenthan, plays a Pirate

“The Original Broadway Cast Recording of The Book of Mormon. It was the first show I saw on Broadway. The music is so blunt with it’s comedy and I really love that.”



Carl Denlinger, plays a Policeman

Hair because I like the new orchestrations & the singers are better. I think it’s a better representation of what hair is supposed to be.”



Sam Sticker, microphones

“I would say Once on this Island because it was the first show that I did professionally & I like the music.”