Finding the Real

Colton Butler is the guy who usually goes through his day with ease, as he quietly waves and nods to people as he passes by. Though he might not say much at first, he eventually opens up & shares about his passions about film & music. The sophomore Computer Science major & Film Studies minor shares his musical favorites, which come with a sense of class, nostalgia and most importantly a realness that makes you slightly smile.

The First Inspiration

When I asked Colton about the album that influenced him the most he answered, “The very first album that comes to mind is Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue” with a tone of gratitude.

He went on to describe the 1959 jazz classic as “very emotive” with “only five or six tracks but they are all unique and different.”

Jazz, has now become his favorite genre & he developed a appreciation for from a young age. “I was I think seven or eight. That’s when I realized that there is a w
hole more to jazz than just saxophones and piano riffs.”milesdaviskindofblue

And from this album sparked Colton’s first crack at his now preferred art form film.  

“The first song So What is the first song I can remember, that gave me a visual of something. And then that prompted me into writing my first short film script.” He went on to describe the comedy drama film that he began to write around the age of ten.

“It’s a horror film where two different killers who happen to have chosen the same person.” The first script that he still often returns to today, is a fusion of Colton’s love for horror films and jazz.
He even plans begins the movie with Davis’s So What.

Not Trying

Colton’s current album of choice came to him from the recommendation by a friend during his first semester in college. “My friend sent me the link to a song by a guy I never heard of….Leon Bridges”

80ca0336e9f99560bbb7dcc73f300957-500x500x1Being a huge fan of motown and “oldies” Colton, automatically fell in love with the retro-soul artist’s premier album. Bridges, who has been compared to greats Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, is popularly known for his song
Coming Home which also serves as the album’s title.

“It hit me that he is not an artist who is trying to emulate that sound. He is that sound.”

Colton went on to explain his appreciation for artist’s authenticity, especially in a music industry driven by sales and money.  

“You often find people who are trying to cash in o
n older sounds, bc you people will like it. But you can tell that it’s shallow, there is no heart and soul. But I could just tell from the first song on the album that he loves that kind of music.”

Lastly he says, “In a time where a lot things seem and feel fake, he is very real.”



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